Introducing a Commercial Project

I like ice cream – a lot. It’s good thing because oddly, designing ice cream shops is the only commercial work that I had done until this winter. It makes sense; the average ice cream shop leans towards residential, but this commercial project is the real deal.   Seacoast Periodontist reached out to me to… Continue reading Introducing a Commercial Project

Excel and Pinterest get Married

True, I’m a creative. I’m a right-brained person but I’m also (obviously) “Type A” and enjoy organizing and staying on budget. Excel and Pinterest both work great for me! My intern, Molly, is AMAZING! She also loves Excel. Now, who loves Excel? Honestly, I mean its just numbers, right? But, one weekend I decided that in… Continue reading Excel and Pinterest get Married

Pinterest Points the Way

  To be honest, most designers I know spend a lot of time protecting their intellectual property. I’m one of them and you won’t see a lot of my resources or details about how we created something amazingly cool on my client project pages. The Rocky Bay Home project is different though… It’s a “cheat… Continue reading Pinterest Points the Way

Functional vs. Decorative Kitchen Lighting

I love lighting! Decorative lighting can be seen as a form of artwork or an accent piece in a room or a functional aspect to modern living. Focusing on lighting elements can help define space or create a powerful vignette. I always tell my clients that the goal is to control the eye. We really… Continue reading Functional vs. Decorative Kitchen Lighting

There is Nothing Like a Hot Bath

Sometimes, there is nothing like a hot bath to take all the worries away! I find that typically my clients are passionate about their bathtubs if they want one. And now, there are several approaches to purchasing, designs for installing and locations to consider outside of the traditional approach. Let’s discover a few together: LOCATION:… Continue reading There is Nothing Like a Hot Bath

Nature Inspires the Organic Fabric Line

I love to hike! There is just something about being outside all day and working hard physically that feels so very rewarding! My favorite place to hike is the White Mountains and taking on a 4000’ mountain. Typically, with these vertical climbs, I need to sit and catch my breath. It is in these restful… Continue reading Nature Inspires the Organic Fabric Line

What’s up at 7 Wallingford Square?

Have you been to Kittery lately? I mean the REAL Kittery, not the outlet malls. This is the downtown section that is just over the Memorial Bridge from Portsmouth toward the Shipyard and runs primarily between Route 1 on Government and Walker Streets. This… this is the heart of Kittery called “Kittery Foreside”. And within… Continue reading What’s up at 7 Wallingford Square?

Key Elements to Selecting the Right Cabinetry Supplier

Are you in the market for new cabinetry either in your bedroom, bathroom or closet? If so, it probably means two things are happening: You have a much larger job ahead of you than just selecting a new cabinet. You are in the midst of making a lot of complex decisions in a short amount… Continue reading Key Elements to Selecting the Right Cabinetry Supplier

What Sets amy dutton Home Fabrics Apart

I am often asked why I started a fabric line. Well, it was actually a reaction to a few things happening. Mostly… it morphed from one thing into another. In 2013, I had a series of very difficult projects and really needed a way to express some fun creativity. At the same time, I had… Continue reading What Sets amy dutton Home Fabrics Apart

The Ocean Color Story

Do you love the ocean? I do! I love it all year long. Yes, most certainly to cool off and play in the summer but also to appreciate the resounding power and beauty all year long. I find the ocean to have a rhythm of nature that calms my soul to its core. It is… Continue reading The Ocean Color Story