Pinterest Points the Way

  To be honest, most designers I know spend a lot of time protecting their intellectual property. I’m one of them and you won’t see a lot of my resources or details about how we created something amazingly cool on my client project pages. The Rocky Bay Home project is different though… It’s a “cheat… Continue reading Pinterest Points the Way

420 RENO…What’s the Word on House Numbers?

Do you have the same old house numbers that were put on your house long before you bought it? Why? House numbers are a way to “say” who you are as an introduction when people walk by, drive by, or enter your home. House numbers can be inexpensive and creative, so why not use this… Continue reading 420 RENO…What’s the Word on House Numbers?

420 RENO… The Master Vanity

When it came to my master vanity countertop decision, I truly had nothing in mind before going to the stone yard. I did have my cabinet sample (white-washed oak) and my very special wall tile samples (light blues) as well as my floor tile (light grey). I wanted to stay light because the room is… Continue reading 420 RENO… The Master Vanity

420 RENO… The Medicine Cabinet

Where do you keep your electric toothbrush? A personal question, I realize, but as designers it’s our job to know your personal needs. As with most things in the design world, there are straightforward resolutions and more challenging resolutions – unfortunately, my medicine cabinet proved to be in the challenging category. Now, as with all… Continue reading 420 RENO… The Medicine Cabinet


Creating the shelves for our renovated kitchen was my favorite project in the renovation. Why? Because… I knew that this was something that you would see the minute that you walked in the door, so it became an important design feature. I wanted to use it as it as a functional element to hold our… Continue reading 420 RENO… FUNCTIONAL FLOATING SHELVES

420 RENO… intro

Yep, it’s official, I’m under construction. As a designer, I pretty much always have a project going. Secretly, I fear for what will follow this project so I’m trying to stay focused on the present. How about a bit of background to the current stage.  Five years ago, I moved to 420 Richards Ave. in Portsmouth, NH… Continue reading 420 RENO… intro