Introducing a Commercial Project

I like ice cream – a lot. It’s good thing because oddly, designing ice cream shops is the only commercial work that I had done until this winter. It makes sense; the average ice cream shop leans towards residential, but this commercial project is the real deal.   Seacoast Periodontist reached out to me to… Continue reading Introducing a Commercial Project

Excel and Pinterest get Married

True, I’m a creative. I’m a right-brained person but I’m also (obviously) “Type A” and enjoy organizing and staying on budget. Excel and Pinterest both work great for me! My intern, Molly, is AMAZING! She also loves Excel. Now, who loves Excel? Honestly, I mean its just numbers, right? But, one weekend I decided that in… Continue reading Excel and Pinterest get Married

Pinterest Points the Way

  To be honest, most designers I know spend a lot of time protecting their intellectual property. I’m one of them and you won’t see a lot of my resources or details about how we created something amazingly cool on my client project pages. The Rocky Bay Home project is different though… It’s a “cheat… Continue reading Pinterest Points the Way

Why Windows Wow

Do you know why windows wow? It is typically because of size, shape and placement. It is a true study in space, light and movement. Windows are our connection to the outside from inside. A carefully placed and sized window in a room sets the tone. Bathrooms Windows in bathrooms by a general rule are… Continue reading Why Windows Wow

The Ocean Color Story

Do you love the ocean? I do! I love it all year long. Yes, most certainly to cool off and play in the summer but also to appreciate the resounding power and beauty all year long. I find the ocean to have a rhythm of nature that calms my soul to its core. It is… Continue reading The Ocean Color Story

How to Strategically Place Bathroom Windows

Windows in a bathroom are really important! Why? They create light, feel and fresh air. They must be balanced with privacy. Because I live in downtown Portsmouth, I can sit at my kitchen island and see in 3 different bathroom windows. Honestly, it’s not good. My neighbors all laugh about it but it makes me very… Continue reading How to Strategically Place Bathroom Windows

Building Techniques in India

I recently returned from a trip to India and wanted to share some insight into the building techniques in an absolutely amazingly resourceful country To my surprise, the nicest homes and hotels I have ever been in were in India, counterbalanced by small shacks with tin & rocks for roofs. My brain tried to make… Continue reading Building Techniques in India

Why Architecture is an Important Part of Design Inspirations

When I design, the beauty of buildings inspires me. From the very simplistic to the extremely intricate, I appreciate what Architects – both current and historic – have created. With these in mind, I designed a line of fabric. My graphic line of fabric is inspired by architecture. This line has a very defined and… Continue reading Why Architecture is an Important Part of Design Inspirations

Reality Hits When a Backhoe Shows Up in Your Front Yard

Do you have a backhoe in your front yard? Most people are really excited the day that the backhoe shows up and construction begins… then they are even happier when the contractor’s truck pulls away at the end of a project. The beginning part of a project is not only exciting for homeowners; it is… Continue reading Reality Hits When a Backhoe Shows Up in Your Front Yard

How to Create a Welcoming Walkway

As you are wrapping up construction on your home, the last question of how to create a welcoming walkway may be begging for an answer. Okay, the thing about landscaping is that by the time the project gets to the hardscape (or stonework) to create walkways, stone walls, and patios, two things have happened: “Project… Continue reading How to Create a Welcoming Walkway