Introducing a Commercial Project

I like ice cream – a lot.

It’s good thing because oddly, designing ice cream shops is the only commercial work that I had done until this winter. It makes sense; the average ice cream shop leans towards residential, but this commercial project is the real deal.


Seacoast Periodontist reached out to me to work on their new construction project with a team of McHenry Architects and Ricci Construction.  While I was hesitant, I also was excited for a new challenge. I’m very glad that I accepted it; the project has been an amazing experience.

The building – located on Route One and Cottage Street in Portsmouth, NH, just off the traffic circle – is starting to take shape. Ricci Construction has taught me how to climb the 14’ ladder while I wait for the staircase to be completed so that we could layout the interior walls. We edited a few walls to make sure they fell on the structural points of the large floor to ceiling windows.

The materials have been carefully selected – brick, mortar, shouldice and parapet (yes, terms for me), window and frame finish, as well as roof finish are all about to be seen while driving down route one. The concept is a classic, modern building that will stand the test of time.

I’m so thankful for my clients who truly care not only about budget and schedules but also the design concept. In a city that has been enduring a lot of building over the last decade, (and more to come) it’s refreshing to see the care and quality being put into this building.


Stay tuned as we begin to turn toward the interiors. You are going to love watching this take shape!


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