Designing interiors is personal. Interiors are where we find ourselves when we come home from work, where we read to our kids, where we have Sunday morning pancakes, watch Monday Night Football, or dine with our family and friends. Interiors are the chairs.



I think about your neighborhood or the land you live on and then create roof lines and select materials in keeping with the surrounding environment. Most importantly when we begin your architectural project, I think about you and your family and how you want to live your lives.



The place we call home refers to more than what exists within the walls of a structure. The landscape that surrounds us becomes as much a part of how we feel about our home as the design inside.


Our Process

W hen you are looking to change the look of your surroundings, it’s not unusual for that to include structural architectural elements, interior material considerations, and alterations to the landscape outside of the home. When you hire three different professionals to focus on architecture, interior design, and landscape, something is lost.

Not only is it more to manage, but the level of cohesion, flow, harmony, and relationships isn’t where it could be. The more you delve into each facet of design, the more you understand the profound impact each has on the others, and how they truly function as an intricate puzzle that only looks and feels right when all the pieces are connected properly.

This interconnectedness is at the heart of what I define as “Whole Home Design”. Having spent years in the industry designing homes from the exterior to the interiors, I know firsthand how important it is for each element of your home and landscape to harmonize successfully with the others. 

How the ADH design process works

T he beauty of our strategy is that all of these elements can be integrated seamlessly and intelligently in the flow of the whole property. With one designer at the heart of the process, there is an awareness and connection between the interior and exterior space. Though I believe that design should be fun, our process is very structured.

We want you to know you are in seasoned and capable hands from start to finish. We work with the nitty gritty details surrounding the property’s footprint, structural components, stair and landing needs, raise grade of the land, and land use. Behind every design decision, there are logistics, details, and creative angles involved, and it is my job to determine how to prioritize and hone our focus. All you have to do is share your vision, and I will put the team together to make it happen. 

O nce we have determined the logistics, we will work together to define your overall design style. Don’t be daunted by having to know exactly what you’re looking for, I have worked with enough clients to know the questions that need to be asked to get to the core of what you want your home to look like and how you need it to function.

From there, I can work with you to bring the vision to life, guiding you on how to layer, how to balance texture and color, and how to control where the eye is directed.

Although I don’t believe in enforcing design ideas on you – it is your house, after all – I will always push you to consider elements you may not have considered that will ultimately help in creating a balanced and interesting home that is not static but vibrant and beautiful. 

Before and After the design process