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When I design, I think about the many little moments my clients have to look forward to: standing at a new kitchen sink in their fresh and functional kitchen, looking out the window to a beautifully landscaped backyard, and smiling as they appreciate the reality of the home they envisioned. Our lives are made up of these beautiful little moments.



When we work together, I like to think we will not be designing a house but a home for you and your family. Whether it is a renovation, addition, or new construction, I start from ground up and from the inside out – laying out the interior, establishing square footage, creating rooms and spaces and flow.

I think about your neighborhood or the land you live on and then create roof lines and select materials in keeping with the surrounding environment. Most importantly when we begin your architectural project, I think about you and your family and how you want to live your lives comfortably, actively, and with style.

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Designing interiors is personal. Interiors are where we find ourselves when we come home from work, where we read to our kids, where we have Sunday morning pancakes, watch Monday Night Football, or dine with our family and friends. Interiors are the chairs we love to kick back in, the rugs we want to feel under our bare feet, the music we want to hear, the light that streams into the room. When I design interiors, I start with you and how you will live inside the walls, windows, and doors that define your space. I hope you will visit my portfolio and see the artful interiors we can design and furnish for you.

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The place we call home refers to more than what exists within the walls of a structure. The landscape that surrounds us becomes as much a part of how we feel about our home as the design inside. We implement permanent structural additions such as pergolas, patios, gardens, and trees, as well as strategically placed outdoor furniture and large pot plantings to create flexible physical boundaries that are four-season friendly. Carefully considering site conditions, parking, privacy, and functionality, we aim to form the bedrock for years of backyard campfires, family barbeques, space for children to run and play, and morning cups of coffee.

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Jul 27, 2021

Cabinetry Ins & Outs

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