Marrying the Interiors to the Exteriors with Materials

Are you looking to create a connected and cohesive home from the exterior to the interior? Today we’re looking at an ongoing project, the Steel Farmhouse, for inspiration on how materials can intentionally pull the whole home together. Here are some design decisions we’ve made so far:  Use of steel – Incorporating structural steel into… Continue reading Marrying the Interiors to the Exteriors with Materials

Time to Consider Landscaping

Even though in New England, our ground is brown and the trees are naked, it’s time to consider landscaping. Since the beginning of February, the landscapers have been contacting me about getting designs done and placing material orders. But unfortunately, like everything else in the world, landscape materials, plants, trees, and labor are in short… Continue reading Time to Consider Landscaping

Pinterest Points the Way

  To be honest, most designers I know spend a lot of time protecting their intellectual property. I’m one of them and you won’t see a lot of my resources or details about how we created something amazingly cool on my client project pages. The Rocky Bay Home project is different though… It’s a “cheat… Continue reading Pinterest Points the Way

What Actually Happens When You Put on an Addition?

Have you ever wondered what happens when you put on an addition? Most people are pretty excited to start their addition / renovation project but unclear about what actually happens at the beginning phase. I thought I would walk you through the beginning process. SETTING THE STAGE: This beach cottage is in need of some… Continue reading What Actually Happens When You Put on an Addition?

Key Aspects of Creating an Addition to an Antique Home

What are the key aspect of creating an addition to an antique home? How about I tell you the story of this sweet antique home located in Durham, NH. This home is owned by a young couple with three small children. The original house was a 1700’s Antique Cape, two bedroom, two bath, 1800 sf… Continue reading Key Aspects of Creating an Addition to an Antique Home

Why Rooflines Determine Your Window Options

  Have you ever wondered why rooflines determine your window options? No doubt, windows are the eyes into and out of the house. One of the most challenging and interesting parts of designing a house is windows. Designing windows is mulit-layered and complex and rooflines will be a strong determiner of what and how windows… Continue reading Why Rooflines Determine Your Window Options

Why Simplicity is Difficult

Why is simplicity difficult? Because creating a “simple” looking space with clean lines is actually very complicated! There is not a lot of trim or overlapping of product to hide any margin of error. A clean, flush line actually takes an incredible amount of planning, organization and communication between many trades. The result is absolutely… Continue reading Why Simplicity is Difficult