How to Step Up Your Sunroom

Do you wonder how to step up your sunroom or screen porch? Let’s talk about the Ocean Cottage’s sunroom. The existing house just had a screen porch that was substantial and functional but very dated. With original heavy woodwork and screens only, the homeowners decided to invest in making the space not only more current… Continue reading How to Step Up Your Sunroom

Glass House Greatness

This Glass House is filled with greatness. At a mere 1800 square feet, it’s considered a small, efficient home. But don’t underestimate this one. Two key features inspired this new construction project. JAPANESE INSPIRATION: My client has a very stressful profession and is one of the most zen people I have ever met. Having been… Continue reading Glass House Greatness

How to Upgrade Your Façade

Have you been wondering how to upgrade your façade? Well, there are definitely some key features to remember when approaching such a project. This Ocean Cottage in York, Maine was built in 1960 as a small camp. In the 80’s,the front addition was added to create a three-bedroom home. But, the kitchen was tiny as… Continue reading How to Upgrade Your Façade

How to Maximize a View in a Small Space

This ocean cottage got a facelift and gained some weight, but the most important part of this project was maximizing the view. Here’s how we did it… New and Moved Windows. The owners had done a “Phase 1” renovation to the house five years ago and bought new Marvin windows. Since these are such high-quality… Continue reading How to Maximize a View in a Small Space

Why Windows Wow

Do you know why windows wow? It is typically because of size, shape and placement. It is a true study in space, light and movement. Windows are our connection to the outside from inside. A carefully placed and sized window in a room sets the tone. Bathrooms Windows in bathrooms by a general rule are… Continue reading Why Windows Wow

Why Rooflines Determine Your Window Options

  Have you ever wondered why rooflines determine your window options? No doubt, windows are the eyes into and out of the house. One of the most challenging and interesting parts of designing a house is windows. Designing windows is mulit-layered and complex and rooflines will be a strong determiner of what and how windows… Continue reading Why Rooflines Determine Your Window Options

How to Strategically Place Bathroom Windows

Windows in a bathroom are really important! Why? They create light, feel and fresh air. They must be balanced with privacy. Because I live in downtown Portsmouth, I can sit at my kitchen island and see in 3 different bathroom windows. Honestly, it’s not good. My neighbors all laugh about it but it makes me very… Continue reading How to Strategically Place Bathroom Windows

The Importance of Choosing the Right Window

Do you LOVE your windows? If you are building a new house or doing a significant renovation, you have the opportunity to take advantage of installing new windows. Here are some important things to keep in mind: Elements: When there is something beautiful outside, make sure that you maximize the impact and beauty. In this… Continue reading The Importance of Choosing the Right Window

Can You Crawl Out Your Bedroom Window?

Have you ever thought about crawling out your bedroom window? If you are beyond your teenage years, I doubt it. According to International Building Code (IBC) egress windows are required for every bedroom. Egress windows are defined as windows that can be used as an exit or are large enough for a fireman with full… Continue reading Can You Crawl Out Your Bedroom Window?