Windows with a View

Sometimes, I have clients who are so clear about their vision that they just take me along for the ride. This is one of those projects. I was simply the instrument to get their dreams and vision communicated to the builder.


I’ve been working with these clients for 5 years through 3 renovations – master suite addition, kitchen renovation and the last one was 2 dormers, the Great Room renovation, back entry porch, front porch, and door system. To top it off, I collaborated with Hales Landscaping to bring the outdoors inside the house.

This existing living room was a classic 1980’s special (see before photo) with windows filling the space but not in a good way.  My client showed me a picture of something similar on Pinterest that she liked, and we reproduced it. I drew everything into CAD so that we knew our structure, window, and door order were correct. Ultimately, this single wall is one of my favorite elevations that I’ve ever designed. It is rich and dimensional as well as functional.

A smile washes over my face as I imagine this sweet family putting a puzzle together in front of a fire and enjoying their beautiful yard.



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