How to Step Up Your Sunroom

Do you wonder how to step up your sunroom or screen porch?

Let’s talk about the Ocean Cottage’s sunroom. The existing house just had a screen porch that was substantial and functional but very dated. With original heavy woodwork and screens only, the homeowners decided to invest in making the space not only more current to their needs but also a three-season sunroom.

Because the renovated sunroom is located on the east side of the house, we already have passive solar working in our favor. It was decided to add Brosco storm screen doors as the wall panels as the wall was framed out. The glass inserts are stored in the basement and easily swapped out for screens. With structure on the four exterior points, these screen storm doors create the wall and are available in many widths and heights. Since they come in unpainted wood, we cut 2” off the bottom and painted them white to create a custom look and feel. During the framing, we also decided to add a window in the gable end as well.

It was also decided to add radiant heat to the floor. The water coils were poured into the concrete floor, skim-coated again, then we installed 12 x 24 porcelain tile over the floor. With the heat turned on and the glass panels in, the room will remain warm until the harsh winter weather hits.

Entertainment was added with a TV that is made for extreme weather and water. In addition, the electrical was updated with a new ceiling fan and lighting. With a few coats of Benjamin Moore Simply White paint, the room feels finished and cozy. Now, THIS is a room that one can spend endless hours in relaxing, sleeping, watching TV or just sitting and enjoying the view.


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