How to Create an Effective Communication Center at Home

Do you want to know how to create effective communication at home? Basically, create a communication cabinet!

Some people have a sort of “drop zone” part of their kitchen counter – obviously, this drives me nuts. I typically design a designated “Shit Shelf” where people can put their phone chargers, calendars, grocery lists, phone and more. But, every now and then, we have the budget and space for a dedicated communication cabinet!

This small piece of furniture will hold the power to effectively charge as many as 16 devices at the same time. Each drawer holds its own outlet with two 3-prong outlets as well as two USB ports. They will also vent below so that laptops won’t get too hot and burned out.

The drawers allow for the devices to be tucked away out of sight and it will be hard to lose any devices as well. For parents, it will be easier to know when devices are being used and when they are hiding in the teenager’s room.

The top drawer holds appliance directions, menus, and schedules as well as acts as the proverbial “junk drawer”. And the shelf holds the sonos (or sound system) as well as the phone.

I wanted this piece to look like a piece of furniture even though it was made by the cabinet company. The base color is a shade of grey that works with the other materials but is a departure from the rest of the cabinetry in the kitchen. And, the countertop is the same material as the kitchen in order to pull it together with the kitchen. Repeating materials in an intentional way brings a consistency to the eye for a calm and consistent look.

This is a custom cabinet designed specifically for my client’s household needs.

What are your needs… can I design a communication cabinet for you?


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