Get Ready for Fall With a Pantry Desk

Why do you think a Pantry desk is best?

They always say, “Location, location, location” and this desk location is the best!

While fall knocks on our door and we think about saying “good-bye” to summer, (sadly) it’s time to get organized again. Gone are the days of letting mail and paperwork stack up while we play outside!

We knew from the start that we would locate the desk in the pantry for these two projects. Every family needs a place where calendars are updated, and organization can be attained in your own special way. Everyone in the family will know where permission slips and soccer schedules are stored for clear communication. Then, at the end of a long day the door can be closed! After all, your guests don’t need to see all your mess and you deserve to be private.

I find that rarely do people want to sit at this desk and if so, just for little while. So, making this desk at counter height is a more effective plan for both storage and ease of standing in the space while making plans for the day. Adding power at counter height also allows devices to easily plug in for convenience.

Typically, the cabinetry and countertop materials replicate those of the kitchen so as to blend well visually. Additionally, this space can easily act as a serving space and extension of the pantry during a party or event and desk supplies as well as computers can easily be stored in the drawer.

In these spaces, the cabinetry is design for customized function. There is a file cabinet and a “Power Drawer” with outlets inside the drawer where they are needed.

I loved designing these spaces for these two families. One is modern, one is farmhouse – both are fabulous! Can I design a pantry desk for you?


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