Rye Beach Cottage Deck Upgrade

This Rye Beach Cottage deck got a facelift with new materials.

I was called to this project for consultation. The patios were solid poured concrete – two entire huge patios and it was oppressive concrete living. So, my thought was to cover the concrete, add some natural materials, and juxtapose the surfaces.

We decided that the decking should be stone pavers with sand colored grout mortar so that in case the tide does come up that high, it would still look okay. While this is still a hard surface, it won’t get as hot as other materials and will add an organic feature.

The vertical walls will be be horizontal cedar shiplap walls with a medium stain. This horizontal wall will continue 12” higher up to create a planter. This planter will be a home to low grasses with up-lights for both detail and for safety. These horizontal siding details will continue to the side of the stairs.

The stair risers will be white azec (composite material) and the treads will be mahogany. The staircase will continue to have the white composite with wire rail system.

Lastly, I’m advising that they purchase large planters and plant tall grasses in each one. These can be protected and wintered over to create a “green wall”.

Walk the Rye Beach and check it out!


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