When Buying Plans Online Goes Wrong: A Designer’s Perspective

I often have people contact me about editing or drawing up plans they found or purchased online, and it has never worked out. Ultimately, it costs them much more time and money than they could have imagined. EXAMPLE ONE: One client took a screenshot of the plan, searched for months, and found it online to… Continue reading When Buying Plans Online Goes Wrong: A Designer’s Perspective

Time to Consider Landscaping

Even though in New England, our ground is brown and the trees are naked, it’s time to consider landscaping. Since the beginning of February, the landscapers have been contacting me about getting designs done and placing material orders. But unfortunately, like everything else in the world, landscape materials, plants, trees, and labor are in short… Continue reading Time to Consider Landscaping

The Perfect Patio

Are you looking to create the perfect patio? Well, why not? Patios are an extension of the house and living space so it is worth the time, energy, and funds to invest in research and design. As an example, I’ll use the York Cape Expansion project to show you my process when designing a patio.… Continue reading The Perfect Patio

North Mill Pond View

CLIENT PROFILE The homeowner is an engineer and worked in framing during college, so he is more than capable and very thoughtful about the construction process acting as the GC. He and his wife bought the 1900 2.5 stories, New Englander, with 1,534sf in 2012 mostly for the large, beautiful lot located right on North… Continue reading North Mill Pond View

Are you Prepared to Think Outside of the Box?

Every custom home brings with it the possibility of thinking outside of the box and the Steel Farmhouse is no exception. As a matter of fact, it’s a nice blend of typical elements that make a home functional with a custom twist. Here are some of the features that are creative, functional, and outside of… Continue reading Are you Prepared to Think Outside of the Box?