Best Materials of 2021

It seems that in 2021 what was “typical” was either projects happening very fast or very slow. To say that this is a strange way to manage a company is putting it lightly, but we are getting through it with smiles on our faces and a solid positive attitude. It also helps to have such… Continue reading Best Materials of 2021

Best Completed Project of 2021: New Englander Expansion

This newly renovated New Englander needed some help when we first met its homeowners! With a vision and budget to match, these homeowners took advantage of a very fast-moving market and closed on this Downtown Portsmouth New Englander quickly to start work as soon as possible. Even though they inevitably got caught up in the… Continue reading Best Completed Project of 2021: New Englander Expansion

Best Interior Design of 2021: New Castle Ocean View Reno

This project is in New Castle, NH on the bay overlooking the Isles of Sholes. The house was formerly owned by the homeowner’s parents and when the homeowners took the house over, they conducted a major renovation involving bathrooms and the kitchen. For some reason, the former designer didn’t complete the project. As such, I… Continue reading Best Interior Design of 2021: New Castle Ocean View Reno

Terrific Tiles

Are you getting ready to tile your bathroom, kitchen, or mudroom? I spend a lot of time specifying and purchasing tiles, so I thought I would share a few tips and tricks to think about as you move through your project. TILE SELECTION: The tile selection can be a daunting step for many. Just walking… Continue reading Terrific Tiles

Fabulous Floors

Are you in the process of selecting or redoing your floors? There are so many options out there that it can be a little overwhelming. So, let’s see if we can simplify it a bit for you. SELECT THE TYPE: Application: Are you restricted by any sort of existing flooring or can you just move… Continue reading Fabulous Floors

The Perfect Patio

Are you looking to create the perfect patio? Well, why not? Patios are an extension of the house and living space so it is worth the time, energy, and funds to invest in research and design. As an example, I’ll use the York Cape Expansion project to show you my process when designing a patio.… Continue reading The Perfect Patio

The Reasoning of Rooflines

Have you ever looked at a house and thought “that looks so weird, something is wrong!” If so, it’s probably the roofline. I’m not going to lie, they are hard. Very hard. So here is the logic behind creating a roofline: FOOTPRINT The footprint dictates the wall locations and the walls then create the rooflines.… Continue reading The Reasoning of Rooflines