What’s BUGGING you?

We find remnants of animals and bugs with significant damage in nearly every renovation we do. Either wasp nests in the roof rafters or carpenter ants at the kitchen sink add extra work when renovating your home. But all can be prevented if you are on a good extermination plan.  My suggestion is to find… Continue reading What’s BUGGING you?

Time to Consider Landscaping

Even though in New England, our ground is brown and the trees are naked, it’s time to consider landscaping. Since the beginning of February, the landscapers have been contacting me about getting designs done and placing material orders. But unfortunately, like everything else in the world, landscape materials, plants, trees, and labor are in short… Continue reading Time to Consider Landscaping

Marrying the Interiors to the Exteriors with Material

Are you looking to create a connected and cohesive home from the exterior to the interior? Today we’re looking at an ongoing project, the Steel Farmhouse, for inspiration on how materials can intentionally pull the whole home together. Here are some design decisions we’ve made so far:  Use of steel. Incorporating structural steel into the… Continue reading Marrying the Interiors to the Exteriors with Material

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Best Materials of 2021

It seems that in 2021 what was “typical” was either projects happening very fast or very slow. To say that this is a strange way to manage a company is putting it lightly, but we are getting through it with smiles on our faces and a solid positive attitude. It also helps to have such… Continue reading Best Materials of 2021