It’s time to plant your annuals! YAY!

While perennials are great because they come back every year getting larger and larger until you divide them, annuals are just going to last for one season and enter the garden with a bang!


Annuals add height variations, color, and texture. My favorites annuals are:

  • Ascot Rainbow (Spurge)
  • Salvia Farinacea ‘Victoria Blue’
  • Angel’s Trumpet ‘Charles Grimaldi’
  • Canna (red)
  • Cardinal Vine or Morning Glory’ (climbing)
  • Castor Bean ‘Bright Red Carmencita’
  • Egyptian Papyrus (looks like a Doctor Seuss Plant)
  • Geranium
  • Begonia
  • Diamond Frost ‘Euphoria’

Mix these in with a perennial bed such as Echinacea and lilies as well as lavender and lilac for a beautiful fragrant garden that will stay in bloom all season long.

They are also wonderful to plant in pots. My recommendation is to always layer the heights and colors of leaves with different textures. You can pack in your plants tightly to get a full and overflowing pot. The combination of Diamond Frost, Begonia, Geranium, and Canna creates a beautiful pot!

This spring (because we were all so anxious for the season to begin) I played around with seeds and I’m excited to report amazing results. I purchased from Fruition Seeds and the quality is amazing. She has at least one video per plant as well as webinars on transplanting, planting in pots and so much more. They even sell amazing products such as heat lamps and soil fertilizers. I planted half veggies and herbs and half flowers that I can cut for vases such as sunflower, dahlias, and zinnias.  Since seeds are not expensive, it’s a great way to experiment and have fun being outdoors getting your hands dirty.

It’s hard to go wrong in the garden when you are relaxed and ready to enjoy some time outdoors. And remember: water and fertilize!!


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