New Englander Renovation Gets its Landscaping Plan

When the end of construction is in site and my clients inquire about a landscaping plan, I simply can’t resist but to put a rough sketch and plan together as a “Housewarming Gift”.


If you have been watching the New Englander Renovation, you know that the last month is when all the “pretty” things get installed. These last four weeks are instrumental in getting things done right. And even though the contractors are still working hard to get things completed, it’s time to come up with a landscaping plan.

This house is located in Portsmouth, NH in a sweet neighborhood of sidewalks and tree lined streets. Houses tend to sit close to the sidewalk in an effort to capture as much backyard as possible. This house has a beautiful deep backyard even after the addition and large deck. Most of that will be retained for kids to play and then a place for firepit and chairs. A planting bed against the deck will create a visual buffer between lawn and space below the deck. This bed will consist of relocated hostas from the front and miscanthis Sinenis ‘Adagio grasses for consistency and height.

Along the driveway there will be a narrow planting bed to again create a visual buffer between the hard surfaces of the driveway and the house. This will be a combination of: (1) Big Blue Liriope_ Liriope muscari Big Blue and (2) Calamagrostis x acutiflora ‘Karl Foerster’ – Karl Foerster Feather Reed Grass.  This will be a nice combination of texture with a max height of 36”. These plants can take a snow load and get cut down every year to grow again from spring to later fall.

The front yard is tiny and will become all gardens with the city part remaining grass. The goal here is to create a garden that will look good all year long as well as bloom all season long. Inside this garden will be:

(3) Azelea_ Autum Princess – blooms spring and fall

(4) Stella de Oro Daylily_ Hemerocallis x ‘Stell de Oro’ – blooms in late June

(5) Lavender – blooms in July

(6) Cranesbill Geranium – groundcover blooming in early June

(7) Hydrangea – quercifolia ‘Pee Wee’ – blooms in August

(8) Korean Lilac Tree – blooms in May and will be visible from the porch swing.

(9) Rhododendron_ Polar Night – 3-6′

(10) Sedum_ Autumn Joy

Check out my PINTEREST board titled “Plant List + Design” for images and more information about all of these plants. And hopefully, I’ll be able to post a picture of this house with their garden done in a year or so. Stay tuned and have fun getting your hands dirty!



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