How to Upgrade Your Façade

Have you been wondering how to upgrade your façade?

Well, there are definitely some key features to remember when approaching such a project. This Ocean Cottage in York, Maine was built in 1960 as a small camp. In the 80’s,the front addition was added to create a three-bedroom home. But, the kitchen was tiny as was the living and dining space. So, we went work on not only adding more space but upgrading the off-balance façade.

There are definitely some key features to remember when approaching such a project:


Remember that the center of any structure has “weight” to it and determine how this should be treated. If this is the front door, make sure that this is clearly marked and welcoming. The deck over the front porch not only provides shelter when entering but needed weight to the front façade.


Function serves an important part of this project. We added a needed luxury master suite to the second floor. This afforded us the ability to add a height and volume with rooflines and the cupola.


While we wanted to stay coastal with greys we mixed the materials between shingles and board & bat along with white trim. The entire exterior was be finished in low-maintenance products to withstand the harsh ocean nor’easter winds and time. Slate is the stone of the exterior and the top of the new stone fireplace to pull out the details of grey-green hues.


Some will say that windows are the eyes of the house and I agree. Windows are expensive so it’s important to get them right. This cottage as an ocean view out the front so it made sense to add as many windows out the front as possible. But just adding windows without thought to pattern, balance, detail and function can result in a waste of money. Think about the most advantageous way to place windows for both light, view and privacy.

Upgrading the façade of your home can be a key part of your investment. The resale value or return on investment (ROI) on this front elevation is substantial so give it credit where credit is due.


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