Can You Crawl Out Your Bedroom Window?

Have you ever thought about crawling out your bedroom window? If you are beyond your teenage years, I doubt it.

According to International Building Code (IBC) egress windows are required for every bedroom. Egress windows are defined as windows that can be used as an exit or are large enough for a fireman with full gear to enter the structure in case of an emergency. The opening is 5.7 square feet. If you want to learn more about egress windows, click here. It’s a good thing and saves lives.

Older homes typically have smaller windows that do not comply with code. When we pull a building permit to do a renovation to bedrooms, we are required to update the windows to meet code. Part of my job is to make sure that the windows work well in the space both from the interior layout needs and exterior view.

I’ll admit, sometimes I find it frustrating because these are large windows and we are often tight on space but they are so very important to the function and safety of the home that we embrace the code as an interesting challenge.

I’m just verifying, do you have an egress window in your bedroom?


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