420 RENO… The Medicine Cabinet

Where do you keep your electric toothbrush? A personal question, I realize, but as designers it’s our job to know your personal needs. As with most things in the design world, there are straightforward resolutions and more challenging resolutions – unfortunately, my medicine cabinet proved to be in the challenging category.

Now, as with all good designs, all aspects are thought out and planned far before construction begins and my medicine cabinet will show you just how important it is to plan ahead!

I designed the sink wall to be a design feature. Three glass pendants with two 2” recessed cans light the wall of tile and mirror. The tiles are special tiles from Ann Sacks and repeat to create an interesting pattern. To see more Ann Sacks tiles, click here. They were installed perfectly by Steve-the-Tile-Guy, whom you can learn more about by clicking here. The mirror was cut specifically by Premier Glass to fit into the space created by the tile. Find out more about Premier Glass here. Because the space is small, I opted for an 18” deep sink so I used a wall mounted Kallista faucet. If you’re interested in more Kallista products, click here. Lastly, because this is my bed wall, I wanted it insulated to keep noise from the bathroom from entering the bedroom. All these aspects meant that I couldn’t have a medicine cabinet in front of the sink.

I’m not a fan of having my electric toothbrush, contact solution and deodorant out on the counter so a medicine cabinet was a must and the only solution was on the wall next to the sink. So, very specifically, I designed a medicine cabinet that was the exact size to recess into the wall, have an electrical outlet and hold exactly what I needed it to. The medicine cabinet itself creates a small shelf on the top and the frosted glass doors cut by Premier Glass add function and an interesting design element.

Sometimes challenges are the opportunities to stretch our designs in a very creative way!



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