Fabulous Floors

Are you in the process of selecting or redoing your floors? There are so many options out there that it can be a little overwhelming. So, let’s see if we can simplify it a bit for you. SELECT THE TYPE: Application: Are you restricted by any sort of existing flooring or can you just move… Continue reading Fabulous Floors

Why Structure is a BIG Deal

Do you know what is under your floors and walls? Don’t worry, most people don’t. Until there is a problem that is.   On this project, we were hired to replace the marble (a soft stone) floor because there was a large crack straight in a line. Needless to say, it’s not as easy as… Continue reading Why Structure is a BIG Deal

How to Design a Bathroom

Bathrooms are complex spaces that need and deserve a lot of thought and planning. Most of this planning needs to happen in the initial phases of the project while the installation is the last thing that goes in with several month in between. Remembering your process and decisions are very important so again, this is… Continue reading How to Design a Bathroom

Tile is the True Texture & Sets the Tone

Tile is the true texture and sets the tone for the space. I love tile for what it brings to a space and the functionality of it. Let’s explore some important information about tile together.   SOURCING TILE: On my Pinterest pages you won’t see a link to the tile selections. Why? Tile can be… Continue reading Tile is the True Texture & Sets the Tone

Excel and Pinterest get Married

True, I’m a creative. I’m a right-brained person but I’m also (obviously) “Type A” and enjoy organizing and staying on budget. Excel and Pinterest both work great for me! My intern, Molly, is AMAZING! She also loves Excel. Now, who loves Excel? Honestly, I mean its just numbers, right? But, one weekend I decided that in… Continue reading Excel and Pinterest get Married

Materials that Make the Mark

Most people would agree that building materials make the mark of a magnificent project. The question is always, “How do you select the right materials to make this mark?” The simple answer is: choose the materials BEFORE purchasing. DEFINE SCOPE OF PROJECT This is the York Cottage that has wonderful and rare ocean views of… Continue reading Materials that Make the Mark

Tile’s Dirty Little Secrets – Dye Lots, Grout Lines, and Application!

What is tile’s dirty little secret? Well, there are many! Tile is amazingly fun AND complicated. It’s important to know what you need BEFORE you start a project. DYE LOTS Just like fabric, engineered tile has dye lots. All tiles shipped from the manufacturer tagged your project name should be from the same exact dye… Continue reading Tile’s Dirty Little Secrets – Dye Lots, Grout Lines, and Application!

Blue Pottery

What is special about Jaipur Blue Pottery? When I was in India, I couldn’t resist visiting one of the famous Jaipur Blue Pottery manufacturing plants and store. And… I brought home some very special finds just for you! Jaipur Blue Pottery is created from mixing quartz stone powder, powdered glass, Multani Mitti (Fuller’s Earth), borax,… Continue reading Blue Pottery

Backsplash 101

Are you working on a kitchen renovation? If so, you are probably working out what to do with your backsplash. Fundamentally, you need a backsplash to keep water and other spills from ruining the drywall behind your counter. You have two choices: A standard 4” backsplash that is the same material as your countertop. This… Continue reading Backsplash 101

Tile 411 – Application & Installations

Are you in the market to purchase tile? BEFORE you start shopping, I suggest a little research and/or hire a designer who is knowledgeable in the topic. This will save you a lot of time and energy as well as money and you will be thrilled with the finish product. In my blog “The 3 Most… Continue reading Tile 411 – Application & Installations