There is Nothing Like a Hot Bath

Sometimes, there is nothing like a hot bath to take all the worries away! I find that typically my clients are passionate about their bathtubs if they want one. And now, there are several approaches to purchasing, designs for installing and locations to consider outside of the traditional approach. Let’s discover a few together: LOCATION:… Continue reading There is Nothing Like a Hot Bath

Tile 411 – Application & Installations

Are you in the market to purchase tile? BEFORE you start shopping, I suggest a little research and/or hire a designer who is knowledgeable in the topic. This will save you a lot of time and energy as well as money and you will be thrilled with the finish product. In my blog “The 3 Most… Continue reading Tile 411 – Application & Installations

The 3 Most Important Things to Know about Tile

Tile sets the tone for your space so it is important to know the characteristics and properties prior to investing in the tile. There are three major groups of tile: Glazed Porcelain, Glass Tile and Natural Stone. Here are some key features to keep in mind: Glazed Porcelain Tile: The tile industry has created cutting edge… Continue reading The 3 Most Important Things to Know about Tile