There is Nothing Like a Hot Bath

Sometimes, there is nothing like a hot bath to take all the worries away!

I find that typically my clients are passionate about their bathtubs if they want one. And now, there are several approaches to purchasing, designs for installing and locations to consider outside of the traditional approach. Let’s discover a few together:


I do subscribe that every home does need a bathtub. You never know when you will sell your home to a young family or when you are hurt and need to bathe instead of shower. But… where to put it?

  • Master Bath: This is the obvious location when creating a large and luxurious, private space.
  • Kid’s Bath: Even though it is a kid’s or guest bath, the tub can still be oversized and deep. Have fun with it!
  • Powder Room: This is the least obvious location but it does make for an interesting powder room and view the tub more as “art”.


There are many things that I tell people that they should buy local – plumbing fixtures being on the top of the list. But tubs and sinks are absolutely fine to purchase online.

In these photos:

Copper Tub

White Modern Tub

Kohler Traditional Tub


First of all, remember that tubs weigh a lot! Filled with water – even more! So tubs need to be installed into a structural location that has easy access to plumbing below. The plumbing cannot go into an exterior wall either. So sometimes the plumbing needs to go into a half wall or simply straight out of the floor. From there, you can choose your faucet wisely.

I’m more than happy to help you with your bathroom design! There is always a new good idea around the corner. Remember, design should be FUN!



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