There is Nothing Like a Hot Bath

Sometimes, there is nothing like a hot bath to take all the worries away! I find that typically my clients are passionate about their bathtubs if they want one. And now, there are several approaches to purchasing, designs for installing and locations to consider outside of the traditional approach. Let’s discover a few together: LOCATION:… Continue reading There is Nothing Like a Hot Bath

Key Elements to Selecting the Right Cabinetry Supplier

Are you in the market for new cabinetry either in your bedroom, bathroom or closet? If so, it probably means two things are happening: You have a much larger job ahead of you than just selecting a new cabinet. You are in the midst of making a lot of complex decisions in a short amount… Continue reading Key Elements to Selecting the Right Cabinetry Supplier

Blue Pottery

What is special about Jaipur Blue Pottery? When I was in India, I couldn’t resist visiting one of the famous Jaipur Blue Pottery manufacturing plants and store. And… I brought home some very special finds just for you! Jaipur Blue Pottery is created from mixing quartz stone powder, powdered glass, Multani Mitti (Fuller’s Earth), borax,… Continue reading Blue Pottery

Birches in a Winter Wonderland

Why not create your own artistic winter scene as an accent to any space, especially a powder room? If you use removable wallpaper, you can change themes within seasons.   I suggest considering scale when thinking about wallpaper so that it reads the way that you desire. With this birch pattern, we can get this… Continue reading Birches in a Winter Wonderland

Throwback Thursdays: Birch Trees

For many reasons, birch trees bring people a sense of peace and inspiration. I wanted to figure out what this feeling actually comes from. The early uses were for shelter, paper, buckets, plates and canoes but also medicinally. Wintergreen Oil is extracted from the twigs. The tree was also believed to be immune to lighting strikes.… Continue reading Throwback Thursdays: Birch Trees

Friday’s Find: Gee’s Bend Rug

Feet friendly rugs are important not only for your feet but also for your floors. They hold so much power! They can be the focus or sit back into the background. I always suggest looking at rugs before you determine the theme of the space. Make sure it works with scale, proportion, focus and flow.… Continue reading Friday’s Find: Gee’s Bend Rug

Fabric of the Week: Allegash Lite

This fabric is dynamic and vibrant providing interest and dimension to your room as well making a statement. The fabric is “lite” because it is a different version of “Allegash”. There are a few lines that are edited out to simplify the design. Then the design was scaled to 38″ diameter and a duvet cover… Continue reading Fabric of the Week: Allegash Lite