Blue Pottery

What is special about Jaipur Blue Pottery?

When I was in India, I couldn’t resist visiting one of the famous Jaipur Blue Pottery manufacturing plants and store. And… I brought home some very special finds just for you!

Jaipur Blue Pottery is created from mixing quartz stone powder, powdered glass, Multani Mitti (Fuller’s Earth), borax, gum and water. Glazed and fired at very low temperatures leaves the pottery fragile and best used as wall tile as well as decorative bowls and artwork. They are glazed with beautiful images of Indian designs, typically in a specific blue.



I was able to create a working relationship with these two gentlemen in which custom

ordering tile for my projects will only take about 4 weeks. These tiles are unique, original and handmade by artisans. Perfect for backsplash and bathroom walls, come in the shop and let me help you select the most perfect tile for you.

Small gifts of plates, bowls and pitchers have also arrived for your holiday home and gift-giving. Here is a link to the company that I have connections with, let me know if you want anything custom-ordered.

CLICK HERE for their website!

Most items in the shop are on sale as we prepare our homes for the holidays and buy gifts for loved ones and friends. Even these new items will be on sale so come in and feast your eyes on the beauty that I brought you from India.



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