The Ocean Color Story

Do you love the ocean?

I do! I love it all year long. Yes, most certainly to cool off and play in the summer but also to appreciate the resounding power and beauty all year long. I find the ocean to have a rhythm of nature that calms my soul to its core. It is in this space that I find a place to design.

When looking at the waves, I have designed them both literally a in this lampshade fabric as well as graphically in the “Songo” line featured in this article. CLICK HERE to read my blog post on Songo

While the waves form a biomorphic shape that is organic and moving, the large, solid rocks typical of Maine beaches form a more graphic design element for me. I love the navy blue with the blue-grey beach rocks. Imagine your walls in the grey hues and the table linens in the navy with white. So beautiful!

Beyond the fabric design is the application. I have found that these fabrics in varying shades of blues and greens look beautiful in a window seat or as accents around the house. I have a very talented team that I work with to create such beautiful and functional spaces for your home. CLICK HERE to read my blog post on How to Create the Best Banquette!

While I find it inspiring and fun to design fabric, I also love designing how these fabrics can functionally work in your home. Let’s get together and chat about bringing the ocean into your space.


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