What Sets amy dutton Home Fabrics Apart

I am often asked why I started a fabric line.

Well, it was actually a reaction to a few things happening. Mostly… it morphed from one thing into another.

In 2013, I had a series of very difficult projects and really needed a way to express some fun creativity. At the same time, I had a project that I was spending hours and hours looking for just the right fabric but everything on the market was boring and basically the same. Then, I traveled to Paris. And it was here that the idea was born.

I started sketching while in Paris simple shapes that I found on the bridges in ironwork or details on the buildings. I found a supplier in South Carolina that would print short runs of fabric and this allowed me to play with color, scale and repeat as well as the texture of the fabrics.

The designs are inspired by both nature and architecture and most are hand drawn. The result is a genuine expression of creativity for your home. You won’t be able to find these designs anywhere but the shop or on our e-commerce. We are staying true to our brand. Trust me, your neighbor will not have the exact same fabric as you.

Because we are primarily running an architectural and interior design services firm as well as running a shop at our Kittery location, the fabric design often takes the back seat to deadlines.

As I’m traveling a great deal this year, I’m looking forward to the exploration of expanding the line and bringing you a fresh new look.


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