Key Elements to Selecting the Right Cabinetry Supplier

Are you in the market for new cabinetry either in your bedroom, bathroom or closet?

If so, it probably means two things are happening:

  • You have a much larger job ahead of you than just selecting a new cabinet.
  • You are in the midst of making a lot of complex decisions in a short amount of time.

Perhaps I can help you out a bit and provide you with some valuable information so that you are prepared as you step into the world of cabinetry and deciding how to invest properly. In order to understand the industry a bit, allow me to introduce you to the three categories that I typically work with when it comes to cabinetry – depending on budget:

  • The Inexpensive “Box Shop”
  • The Expensive “Box Shop”
  • Custom Shop

Note: When I use the term “Box Shop” by this I mean that they are literally ordering pre-manufactured boxes from suppliers. These boxes come in increments of 3”. This means that if you go with a box shop – regardless of inexpensive or expensive, you will end up with a filler in order to make the math work right in your kitchen.


These stores specialize in bringing you cabinetry that is medium – low quality with the same closure hardware as the higher end shops. The difference is in the finish quality of the doors and drawers as well as the variety of finishes that they offer.


These stores will put themselves in the “custom” category but what they are able to customize is the finish on the doors and drawers. The drawer closures and hardware is the same as the Inexpensive Box Shop and they still have to stay within the 3” manufactured dimensions. Once you start “editing” the boxes to become custom, the price is right up there with a custom shop.


These shops are able to create any finish (with a talented finisher) and will provide you with specific samples to approve. There will not be 1” of wasted space because each box is made specifically for your kitchen. In order to consider custom, you should have a unique/ difficult layout that takes advantage of the customize options that the Custom Shop will Provide.

Note: If you are simply looking for a white kitchen, I suggest going with the Inexpensive Box Shop unless your dimensions and design layout deems that you need to go custom.

When working with my clients to design a kitchen, my job is to get the plans to a point where it can be bid out. And when submitting bids, I ask the kitchen designers to bid only on what it drawn – changes can come later, after they have the project if need be. When designing, I determine the location of the walls and openings, specify and locate the windows and doors, locate the three major appliances and complete an electrical plan. The kitchen designer cannot make changes to these specifications but are encouraged to design the kitchen cabinetry according to their expertise. This collaboration results in providing the best price and professional services for my clients.

If you are interested in working on a kitchen renovation with me, let me know. It is a complex project with every subcontractor involved. From selecting materials to designing the intricate details that make your kitchen unique and custom to you is both inspiring and fun!


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