Finding the RIGHT countertop for your project

Do you need help in finding the right countertop for your project? The countertop process can be fun but also daunting. It is best to do a bit of research prior to your adventure into the project and certainly before investing funds. Let me share just the beginning of a few ideas:

Quartzite: This is a man-made stone that is typically created to replicate a natural stone. It is more expensive, predictable and extremely durable – the most durable solid surface product on the market. It comes in different finishes from honed to polished and the edges can be finished the same way that granite is treated. One of the best features is that it can come in longer lengths allowing for fewer seams, especially on the island (see photo).

Granite: This natural stone has movement, beauty and grace to it. In order to buy granite, you really need to go to the fabricator’s yard or to a larger stone yard that will send it to your fabricator. At the supplier, you will be able to select the exact piece that will go into your home and even determine where exactly the pattern will land.


Wood: This is a softer, quieter and more temperamental countertop product but extremely beautiful. With the newer finishes, we are now able to put a bar sink into the wood countertop, just be aware that it does need to be cared for. It typically prices out to be about the same as granite.

Concrete: This is a natural & man-made product that battles natural stone in pricing. The upside of concrete is that it is admittedly very cool and can be customized but patience is a virtue. Perfection is difficult to achieve.

Formica: This is still by far the least expensive option but appropriate in rental or investment property. Keep in mind, when upgrading to a special order formica, it is often the same price as a low end solid surface countertop.

I’m excited to bring to the area samples of all of these products in the new showroom. I will work with you to determine which product is best for your home and budget then you can purchase your countertop directly through me. Easy!


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