The Ocean Color Story

Do you love the ocean? I do! I love it all year long. Yes, most certainly to cool off and play in the summer but also to appreciate the resounding power and beauty all year long. I find the ocean to have a rhythm of nature that calms my soul to its core. It is… Continue reading The Ocean Color Story

How Boulders Can Make a Statement

Obviously, boulders are not to be taken lightly! While they are large and heavy they also have an amazing ability to blend with the environment. In New England, we are lucky to have a great deal of boulders that have natural moss and lichen on them bringing history and depth to the landscape design. Here… Continue reading How Boulders Can Make a Statement

How to Deck Out Your Patio

Outdoor seating can make or break a space! Maximize the use of your space for function and flow. How about some suggestions: 1) BEFORE you create the space, go shopping and decide what furniture you will be putting in the space. Determine your budget for this for the overall budget, then shop. We knew that… Continue reading How to Deck Out Your Patio