How Boulders Can Make a Statement

Obviously, boulders are not to be taken lightly! While they are large and heavy they also have an amazing ability to blend with the environment. In New England, we are lucky to have a great deal of boulders that have natural moss and lichen on them bringing history and depth to the landscape design. Here are a few ideas of ways to use these boulders:

1) Retaining System: if you need to change the grade and retain a patio or entryway, using boulders is an excellent and less expensive way to accomplish this.

2) Fireplace or Firepit

3) Buffer to protect important home equipment such as: air conditioners and vents

4) Interest Feature: bring in an element of fun to a patio or parking area and allow people to climb on the boulders for fun. A landscaper can also drill a hole in it to create a water feature.

Houzz has a few other ideas as well. Let me know if you are looking for design help for more ideas at your home.


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