How to Deck Out Your Patio

Outdoor seating can make or break a space! Maximize the use of your space for function and flow. How about some suggestions:

1) BEFORE you create the space, go shopping and decide what furniture you will be putting in the space. Determine your budget for this for the overall budget, then shop. We knew that this rock work was going to be expensive so I went to Target online and found what I was looking for at a great price. I know that I can always buy expensive outdoor furniture later so I purchased common sized furniture as “place holders”. It was delivered within a week and will be replaced when it dies. Actually, 4 years later it’s still looking good!

2) Determine what you want to do in the space! I wanted to be able to relax and entertain or just read on comfortable furniture but I also wanted to have a dining space. Therefore, the patio was located between the door which naturally divides up the space between dining and relaxing. The outdoor fireplace also gives a focal point which is lined up directly across from the door. provides some interesting ideas as well. Let me know if you need help determining the flow and function of your space.


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