Bath Renovation Tips & Tricks

Believe it or not, a Bath Renovation is actually a large project – regardless of the size of the bathroom. Why? Because literally every subcontractor is involved and there is complicated code that has to be followed. It is not for the faint of heart! Here are some things to consider before taking on such a project:

CODE: While Plumbing Code is a state-wide mandate, and each town has adopted different versions of the code and each Code Enforcement Officer interprets the code differently so it is important to talk to the city/ town BEFORE starting to plan and design to make sure that you can legally do what you want to do. Ripping out work that cannot be approved is very costly and unnecessary. Note: If you do not pull a permit, you will potentially face issues when selling the property.

BUDGET: I always ask my clients what their budgets are and too often they have no idea. First of all, do some online research and come up with a realistic number. Second, look at what your home and neighborhood can “afford”. You don’t want to over improve your home for your neighborhood and you also don’t want to cheapen a renovation if the rest of your neighborhood is high quality.

WINDOWS & DOORS: Locating windows and doors is the first thing to do once the design start. The size and location of these elements are important to both the layout and how the space is experienced. Think about having higher windows that open with frosted glass in order to get light, ventilation and privacy. And consider pocket or barn doors (yes, both can lock) in order to avoid the awkward door swing into a bathroom.

PLUMBING FIXTURES: Important… NEVER buy your faucets online! The plumber will not insure anything that you supply to him. Typically, you will select the plumbing fixtures at a supply house and your plumber will purchase them directly and resell to you. Yes, this means that he is making a profit on the product but he will also insure it for a year after install. If he doesn’t – look for a new plumber!

Now, you CAN purchase your tub and sink online if you find a great product at a great price.

MATERIALS: I love material selections, especially for the bathroom. If you need help selecting materials, stop by my new showroom and browse around. To make a showroom appointment, contact: If you want to make a design appointment with me – just send me an email (

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