Fabulous Floors

Are you in the process of selecting or redoing your floors? There are so many options out there that it can be a little overwhelming. So, let’s see if we can simplify it a bit for you. SELECT THE TYPE: Application: Are you restricted by any sort of existing flooring or can you just move… Continue reading Fabulous Floors

How to Step Up Your Sunroom

Do you wonder how to step up your sunroom or screen porch? Let’s talk about the Ocean Cottage’s sunroom. The existing house just had a screen porch that was substantial and functional but very dated. With original heavy woodwork and screens only, the homeowners decided to invest in making the space not only more current… Continue reading How to Step Up Your Sunroom

Where to Buy Products For Your Home Renovation

When undertaking a renovation, material selections are an essential part of pulling together and finishing the project. This is your opportunity to express your style and taste.  It is also a solid motivation during the construction to select the “pretty” part of the project. But where to start… 1) Cabinetry –  I suggest getting pricing… Continue reading Where to Buy Products For Your Home Renovation

How to Make Your Home Look High-End

Let’s face it, most people want their homes to look high-end without the price tag. There has been a huge movement in the building industry to bring affordable products at a reasonable price to the consumer. The interiors end of the business has brought a fair amount of confusion for the vendors, distributors and even… Continue reading How to Make Your Home Look High-End