Reclaimed Wood in your Home

Reclaimed wood tells a story!

There is no argument that old wood has endured a longer life than most humans live. It is with this kind of rich history that we gain a textural depth when we add reclaimed wood to any space.

Most especially, when people are renovating an old home, I encourage them to add reclaimed wood details in material selections such as flooring, wainscoting, stair details and doors. When renovating a home that is from the 30’s and newer, it is fun to add reclaimed wood as accents such as shelving, sink bases, cabinetry and brackets.

Where do you find these pieces? Architectural Salvage Yards are an easy Google search away. Old House Parts in Kennebunk, Maine is one of my favorite resources. Antique stores can be a good resource for the “accent” pieces but be prepared to pay retail prices. Brimfield Antique Show in Brimfield, MA has shows in May, July and September. To be honest, these kinds of shows can be overwhelming so I suggest taking a designer and/ or contractor with you – a pick up truck isn’t a bad idea either.

This part of the project should be fun, really fun! But don’t wait until the last minute. Unless it is furniture, adding these details needs to be a part of the design and construction process. Some more ideas about using reclaimed wood in the kitchen can be found in this awesome link from Houzz.

Let me know if you want me to join you on your reclaimed wood search!


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