A Different Kind of Home

The Red Sox have a different kind of “home”. Obviously their “home” has been Fenway Stadium since 1912 and the history is rich and pride runs deep.

What I am always struck with is the cross-over of socioeconomics and the diversity of age in the crowd, all enjoying the American tradition of watching a baseball game.

Fenway is located in the heart of many colleges and becomes part of student life. And while Wrigley Field is also located in a residential neighborhood in Chicago, there is something about the incredibly personal experience that Fenway brings to the crowd.

I often discuss with my clients how important it is to create a home not a house. Logically, we feel more comfortable in homes than sterile houses (like the White Socks stadium). In creating your HOME, I suggest you introduce historic memorabilia, personal touches that are meaningful and intentional, keep it organized and maintained, consider the importance of lighting and pay attention to detail. Fenway is a great example! Follow their lead, then sit back and enjoy the experience!


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