Shower Door or Curtain, which is best?

Do you prefer glass shower doors or shower curtains? In my many years of being a designer, I have learned that people have very specific preferences.

For example, most people would prefer a shower door in the master bathroom but not necessarily in the kid’s or guest bath. Why? Because if you are using a tub, you really don’t want half the tub to be covered by the shower door and bathing children is very difficult with a shower door in the way. But a master bath walk-in shower demands a glass shower door.

The Shower Curtain:

The Upside ~ you can change the shower curtain and have it be part of your room décor. You can also keep it open making the room feel bigger.

The Downside ~ you have to change the shower liner about every 6 weeks or it will get moldy.

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The Shower Door:

The Upside ~ it typically feels more custom or finished with a shower door.

The Downside ~ it will get dirty /spotty if you don’t clean it regularly. Especially if you have a door with a track, this creates a build-up but can be cleaned with vinegar.

HERE are more ways to clean the glass.

Important Note:

I do recommend that if you go with a shower door on a master bath, invest in ½” glass. The cost difference is not all that great but the quality is truly so much better. You can also purchase these doors with a manufacturer guaranteed protective film on it that will prevent the water stains.

If you are looking for a great supplier, I highly recommend Dennis at Premier Glass.




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