Pantry with a Plus

What’s in your pantry? In mine, is just about everything – except food.

During our renovation #2 of #3 we switched around the shallow 19” depth closet from our bedroom into the kitchen and put reclaimed office doors from a 1940’s Boston office building on the space. We temporarily claimed this as kitchen storage. But during renovation #3 we decided that this needed to be something more permanent.

So, it was decided that we would pimp the closet out to hold all our small appliances and much more. This basically meant setting the shelves at the appropriate heights and wiring outlets appropriately.

At counter height lives: coffee maker (most important!), tea kettle, toaster, Cuisinart and blender. I measured the height and width of each one to make sure they would fit. I also had a list of things that needed to go in that pantry that didn’t make the cabinetry cut such as: napkins, placemats, water bottles, paper products, serving bowls and more.

The more? My husband informed me during construction that he bought a bread maker. So I redesigned. I saw this as something that needed to pull out on a sliding shelf and had the shelf wired. Eh, turns out that his version of a “bread maker” is actually a “mixer.” Well, needless to say, it’s a little strange but what can I say?

I can say is that this is one of my favorite parts of my kitchen. All morning we have it open for coffee but close it during the day. When we entertain, we access what we need. It’s perfect. Just a reach in, easy access space that is subtle but essential to the function of the kitchen.

What do you think? Big or small, a pantry is amazing!

If you want to see more ideas on how to maximize storage in a pantry, check out this link from HGTV.


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