420 RENO…What’s the Word on House Numbers?

Do you have the same old house numbers that were put on your house long before you bought it? Why? House numbers are a way to “say” who you are as an introduction when people walk by, drive by, or enter your home.

House numbers can be inexpensive and creative, so why not use this as an opportunity to dress up your home? When we were finishing up our renovation, the painters took off the old house numbers that have been there for… I have no idea, but they were ugly. I’ve been meaning to change them since the day we moved in but that task always fell to the bottom of the list.

It wasn’t until I had the HVAC guys, the carpet cleaner, the window cleaners, clients and (worst of all) the pizza delivery guy drive by or park in my neighbor’s driveway that I decided it was time to finish this project up!

I went on Pinterest and Amazon to see what was available. Check out some ideas on Pinterest by clicking here. I had already checked out Lowes but I didn’t see anything that excited me. On Amazon, I found these numbers that stand out from the wall 1/2 “ to create a nice shadow line. Find them here. I couldn’t figure out how they would be installed but as I read through the reviews, people provided installation hints and instructions, even including the size drill bit.

Now, my husband didn’t understand why I wanted to put them on instead of having the painter or builder do it, but honestly it was a matter of pride. I can do it, it was an easy enough task and it feels like putting a period at the end of the sentence. Yes, this wraps up the 420 RENO project. We are done! Time to enjoy (and let our bank account recover!)


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