Key Measurements for Design Fundamentals

Do you know the key measurements that are required or recommended in architectural design? Often these codes or recommendations will grossly impact the layout of your design.

These measurements are key to creating a functional, useful and safe environment in your home. The most commonly focused code/ recommendations are the following:

_ Staircases and hallways: 3’-0” wide

_ Space between the counter and island: 4’-0” recommended

_ Height from stair tread to ceiling: 6’-8”

_ Height in front and behind each plumbing fixture: 6’-8”

_ Landing outside a door: 3’ x 3’ minimum

_ Handicapped doors: 3’-0” wide

_ Toilet: 15” from center of toilet to wall (shown in photo)

Code Enforcement Officers in each city and town are required to know and enforce code, builders must comply, designers and architects need to work with these limits. These are all minimums and we move around these numbers very consciously.

For more about the International Building Code, check out this Wikipedia link.

If you want to learn more about how to design a hallway within the required dimensions, click on this great link from Houzz.





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