420 RENO… The Master Vanity

When it came to my master vanity countertop decision, I truly had nothing in mind before going to the stone yard. I did have my cabinet sample (white-washed oak) and my very special wall tile samples (light blues) as well as my floor tile (light grey). I wanted to stay light because the room is small. I also lean toward modern, clean lines that are simple and organic. Lastly, since I live in a bungalow, I didn’t want to go with anything that was too crazy.

The answer: Carrara Marble. Now, I don’t typically paint my nails red or drink red wine in my bathroom, but trust me, I really won’t be doing that now. Carrara is white and grey and very soft. It is beautiful but not very forgiving so it is perfect for a master bathroom. Here is a great article that explores the ins & outs of Carrara Marble.

Now, because the master bathroom is small, the vanity base is only 18” deep x 36,” then 14” deep for 60”. The base has a small drawer for toilet paper and storage under the sink. In the narrower section of the cabinet there are three small drawers and two clothes hampers. I love the light white-washed oak with the light grey floors!

A fun list with dream items for your master bath can be found here. What works best for your master vanity top & cabinet?



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