How to Make Your Home Look High-End

Let’s face it, most people want their homes to look high-end without the price tag. There has been a huge movement in the building industry to bring affordable products at a reasonable price to the consumer.

The interiors end of the business has brought a fair amount of confusion for the vendors, distributors and even the online sales. Everyone is trying to figure the market out. The good news is that the consumer is highly educated and has many purchasing options. So what is the value that a designer can bring to the table…creativity!

Here are some of my favorite ways to have your home look high-end while investing less money:

1) Invest in high-end when you absolutely love it and know that there is not a cheaper option.

2) Window Treatments: I’m a fan of Lowes when you are looking for “commercial custom” treatments”. Then “dress them up” by adding a trim to the top. It makes them look custom and is an opportunity to pull the room colors together.

3) Tile: When you walk on it, you can find good quality and good design for less that $3./ sf. Spend your money on an accent wall and less wear & tear.

Social media is also a great resource for ideas. Be creative and think outside of the box! If you need some help, give me a call!

Here are some more ideas to add to my list. 


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