Sink Wall Essentials

It’s important to know what the sink wall essentials are when designing a bathroom. It is actually a very complicated vignette that involves several tradespeople as well as specifications made by the homeowner. Let’s start at the beginning: SPECIFICATIONS: Before construction begins, it’s essential for the homeowner to have made most if not ALL decisions… Continue reading Sink Wall Essentials

Why the Center of the Sink Sets the Stage

Why? Why the center of the sink sets the stage for the entire kitchen is an important question for homeowners to know. It’s a detail for sure. When I design a kitchen, I always start with the kitchen window… specifically, the exact center of the kitchen window. If it is a new construction or we… Continue reading Why the Center of the Sink Sets the Stage

420 RENO… The Medicine Cabinet

Where do you keep your electric toothbrush? A personal question, I realize, but as designers it’s our job to know your personal needs. As with most things in the design world, there are straightforward resolutions and more challenging resolutions – unfortunately, my medicine cabinet proved to be in the challenging category. Now, as with all… Continue reading 420 RENO… The Medicine Cabinet