Why the Center of the Sink Sets the Stage


Why the center of the sink sets the stage for the entire kitchen is an important question for homeowners to know. It’s a detail for sure.

When I design a kitchen, I always start with the kitchen window… specifically, the exact center of the kitchen window. If it is a new construction or we are replacing / moving the window we have an opportunity to determine where exactly the center of sink will be located.

If there are two windows, we center it between the windows or in the center of one of the windows. With three windows there is some flexibility but ideally, the sink will be located exactly in the center of the center window. I think you get it by now.

Once we place the center of the kitchen basin & faucet, then we locate trash to one side and dishwasher to the other side. This is the ideal scenario. And believe it or not, it takes a LOT of time and effort to make sure that this works perfectly.

Everything from the center of sink moves on from there. Function and flow of the kitchen are also key elements and the focus once that essential center of sink is established.


Nothing like a fun challenge!


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