The Devil is in the Details

It’s true, the devil is in the details.

Obviously, details are important in the design industry. Most people realize this from looking at magazines or online. But until you are in the middle of a project, it’s hard to get your head wrapped around ALL those details and it’s nice to have a designer along for the ride.

The other day as I was discussing with the cabinet installer, contractor and electrician, code and location of outlets in the island when my clients muttered under her breathe “So many details!” For people who are not as detail-oriented, even they can appreciate the level of detail involved to create a beautiful, functional space. In my world, we anticipate human scale and movement in order to avoid making mistakes that will drive you nuts.

I spend a lot of my time designing in 2D – either sketching by hand or working in CAD (Computer Aided Design). This year, from January to April, I spent about 40 billable hours a week drawing, drawing & drawing. And about 20 hours a week choosing finish materials and working with clients. (The rest of the hours that I work are not very interesting!) The reward is seeing all those 2D designs become 3D live and in person.

As a designer, this is when I think that everyone should be jealous of my job. I love working on the jobsite with the tradespeople and contractors because we are designing in 3D. Pulling together all the fine-tuned details on site is what makes the space look complete and finished. While I could draw every single detail, things always change while building the space out so it makes more sense to be on site and working as a team to create a space that is perfect for you.

I’d love to work with you on your project and see the details fall into place with grace, ease – and a lot of thought and consideration.




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