Why Succulents are Power Plants

Do you know why succulents are power plants?

It’s because they are incredibly flexible and forgiving.

Flexibility is always appreciated. When a plant is able to reproduce, live with little water, grow inside or outside we can safely call them flexible.

Preproduction is not only fun but it’s also artistic and cost-efficient, All you have to do is either take a cutting and put it in a vase or antique bottle with water until roots begin to sprout or you can also plant a leaf in soil until it sprouts a new plant. If you take a cutting of a succulent (ie. Jade), the plant will begin to grow new life quickly. I have these little “starters” all over my house to add creativity but also life, oxygen and color to a space.

Plants can be expensive, so reproducing your own plants is a great way to save money. I will often combine a few cuttings and plant them together to create a full planter.

Moving your planted succulents outside make the space feel like a finished room.

I love putting succulents in the little window box on my shed to have it feel finished, green, artistic and inspiring plus… you don’t have to water them, a bit of rain will do.

This is the forgiving part… you really don’t have to water a succulent much. As a matter of fact, they prefer cactus soil (available on amazon). Over watering will actually make the plant too saturated and turn moldy. Basically, when you see them shrivel, they would like to be fed.


Long and short, add succulents to your interior and outdoor spaces forcolor, texture and added life!


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