Three Key Things to Know About Your Kitchen Installation

What are three key things to know about your kitchen installation?

  1. Always be home when your kitchen cabinets arrive.

First and foremost, is it what you ordered?Be prepared for missing parts. Believe it or not, this is fairly typical so don’t panic just be patient. Your installer and designer know how to do their jobs and they will figure it out.

  1. Don’t be home when your appliances arrive. Make sure your contractor and crew are there and you should go to the spa. It’s a stressful day delivering heavy appliances into a space that should be pretty much done at that point. You really won’t be able to help and more of an added stress for those involved.

Do have your appliances delivered about a day after your cabinetry so that the specification of cabinets and appliances match up. And you know of any issues quickly.

  1. Inspect every single material before paying in full for it.

Cabinet Finishes to make sure that it is perfect

Countertop seams and edges to make sure there are no chips and that the seam and backsplash is acceptable.

All appliances work according to manufacturer specifications.

Your hardware selection is correct and installed as you like it.

Make sure your faucet is the right one and doesn’t leak as well as run your garbage disposal.


A kitchen renovation or installing a kitchen into a new construction home is not for the faint of heart. It’s a huge project! Personality-wise, it takes absolute flexibility.

I suggest not taking this project on until you are completely committed. I recently had a couple request me designing a kitchen renovation in two phases. It is such an intense / complex project that I suggested we simply wait a year until they were ready to dive in completely and have their lives interrupted just once. If you are ready… give me a call. I would love to work through this project with you.


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