The Importance of Choosing the Right Window

Do you LOVE your windows?

If you are building a new house or doing a significant renovation, you have the opportunity to take advantage of installing new windows. Here are some important things to keep in mind:

  • Elements: When there is something beautiful outside, make sure that you maximize the impact and beauty. In this photo of the master bedroom, the front as a view of the water, the side has this amazing tree.
  • Placement: If you can take advantage of an interesting ceiling height, the window can often follow the roofline. This creates interest in dimension and light.
  • Type: There are 3 types of windows you need to choose from:
  1. New Construction windows that are obviously used appropriately in new houses but they are also used in major renovations. These look like normal windows once installed.
  2. Replacement windows are typically used during renovations that are not moving the window location or sizes. Now, while less expensive, they do have an additional 3/4”- 1” picture framing that cover the existing glass opening causing you to loose light.
  3. Sash Replacement windows simply replace the window sash so that they operate but not the glass. You are still left with your old single pane windows that will operate better but will not keep drafts out.

Here are some specifics that I do recommend: Double Pane, Low-E glass window and a Tilt-Wash window. Choices also involve clad exterior/ interior vs. wood interior or exterior. Do you want the grilles inside the panes or on the outside (SDL). Note: SDL (Single Divided Light) are more expensive, sometimes people will choose to do them just in the common areas and in the front/ sides visible from the road in order to save money.

Windows are REALLY expensive! They will range for a new house of 2000sf to about $20, 000 and go straight up from there depending on manufacturer. They also need to be ordered as soon as you sign contract with your contractor so that by the time the preliminary work is done, they are ready to be installed. So consider this, this I have to have the window schedule prepared for your contractor so design starts at least 2-3 months before you sign on with a contractor. It’s all in the timing!

My last bit of advise… get / keep your windows cleaned! An amazing investment!


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