How to Maximize a View in a Small Space

This ocean cottage got a facelift and gained some weight, but the most important part of this project was maximizing the view. Here’s how we did it… New and Moved Windows. The owners had done a “Phase 1” renovation to the house five years ago and bought new Marvin windows. Since these are such high-quality… Continue reading How to Maximize a View in a Small Space

It’s All In The Details

Every now and then, I am given the opportunity to think about ALL the details in a project – from the outside to the inside. This “Beachy Cottage” was one of those amazing opportunities. Not to mention I had a truly wonderful client. I am a big believer in working collaboratively with the homeowner and… Continue reading It’s All In The Details

Alton Bay Cottage Windows

The Alton Bay Cottage is well under way and looking great. The windows were custom made by Maki Building Center in MA. for an excellent price. While Maki has to stay within the perimeters of what they are outfitted to manufacturer they are basically able to produce any size window or door. Typically, I supply the builder… Continue reading Alton Bay Cottage Windows