Why Simplicity is Difficult

Why is simplicity difficult? Because creating a “simple” looking space with clean lines is actually very complicated! There is not a lot of trim or overlapping of product to hide any margin of error. A clean, flush line actually takes an incredible amount of planning, organization and communication between many trades. The result is absolutely… Continue reading Why Simplicity is Difficult

Tuesday’s Talk: Create a Modern & Historic Garden

Strawberry Banke Museum in Portsmouth, NH is a magical place to be. When you walk by, you can enjoy the gardens but did you also know that they are all historic or heirloom plants? Carefully maintained by John Forti and a long list of volunteers, these plants also create a visual feast and accent the historic… Continue reading Tuesday’s Talk: Create a Modern & Historic Garden

Throwback Thursday: New Old Oak Table

This modern and updated table was sketched by my client replicating her grandfather’s table but with a throwback twist. Furniture designer, Craig White, recently moved and found in the loft this Maine oak that is irregular and endearing. The result is a unique and original piece of furniture that is filled with grace and beauty. The “flaws”… Continue reading Throwback Thursday: New Old Oak Table

Creating a Clean Palette

When it comes to artwork, I often hear that people are confused or stuck with their direction and goals. Many people struggle with “Where to begin” or “I’m stuck”. My first advise is to give is to create a clean palette. Step 1: Take Down all the art from the existing wall. This immediately shakes… Continue reading Creating a Clean Palette

History of Homes

Every home has a story. Even a new construction home has a story of finding the lot, designing the home, the building process and pulling together the interiors and landscapes. Stories make an environment rich with dimension and interest. Our 1910 Bungalow in Portsmouth, NH was basically a poor mans simple home that had an… Continue reading History of Homes